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16 November 2016

Plasma price permanently reduced

Posted in Product news

plasma verleng mrt mail

Great news. From September 2016 - March 2017 we had a special plasma promotion. The sales this generated exceeded our expectations. Due to this success we are able to increase our production and convert the promotion price to a permanent low price.

So, as from now, you are able to purchase the Pro 270e LEP fixtures for just EUR/USD 699 (excl. VAT/sales tax, EU and North America prices)!

We thank all customers who invested in LEP technology and made this possible.

For more information about our plasma fixtures go to our page: Plasma deal

16 November 2016

Introducing the Gavita Pro 1000e 277-347 DE US

Posted in Product news

Gavita’s roots are in horticultural projects, lighting climate rooms and greenhouses with tens of thousands of fixtures.

For commercial growers we combined the efficiency of 3 phase systems with the ease of control of the Gavita Master Controllers:

Introducing the 277 - 347 V e-series fixtures

For more information go to the Gavita Pro 1000e 277-347 DE US product page

22 June 2016

How we build Fixtures at Gavita Holland

Posted in Company news

Gavita's head office is in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. Here we also have one of our production facilities. 

So, how do we build the fixtures? In this video an overview of how it's made.

11 December 2015

Change your lamp, change your reflector!

Posted in Product news

You (should) change your double ended lamp every year. But have you ever replaced your reflector? Depending on your environment, changing your reflector can influence your light levels even more than changing your lamp. It is the cheapest way to get more light.

22 June 2016


Posted in Company news

We are pleased to announce the merger of Gavita Nederland and Gavita Norway, and the new partnership with Hawthorne Gardening Company. Please view the video read and the attached announcement for more information.



28 October 2015

Gavita Holland introduces booster for Master Controller

Posted in Product news

Gavita B200 Booster

The B200 booster enables you to expand the number of e-series fixtures you can control with your Gavita Master Controller EL series, by adding more output ports.

Standard, every controller port can control 50 fixtures. Adding the B200 expands your system with 4 ports controlling 50 fixtures for every booster you add.

So every added booster controls a whopping 200 fixtures! You can even add multiple boosters to expand to 400 or even 600 fixtures per controller output. 


For more information go to the B200 Product page

18 December 2012

Certified Reseller Program

Posted in Certified Reseller Program

Adding value to the supply chain

Gavita Certified resellerAt Gavita we believe in quality throughout the supply chain. That’s why we provide training and education to our distributors, their resellers and the end users. We prefer to be represented by knowledgeable sales consultants as it adds to the quality of the provided solution and adds value to our brand. So we invest in training, support and skills to enable you to be successful selling Gavita lighting solutions: The Gavita Certified Reseller Program.


11 September 2011

Lumens are for humans

Posted in Technical papers

It's all about photons

Many lamp manufacturers still specify the output of their lamps (illuminance) in lumens, though this just specifies how we humans percieve the intensity of that light. Our eyes are most sensitive to green ligh of 555 nm, but plants are more sensitive to a much broader spectrum. So what is the right way to specify horticultural lamps and how can you calculate with that? What's in it for you? Enter the photons.

07 September 2011

Gavita plasma lights help saving the coral reefs

Posted in Product news

Coral growing for aquariums in Utrecht, the Netherlands


World-wide the Coral reefs are endangered by the harvest of corals for aquariums. Gavita Holland provided the lighting technology to grow these corals in indoor basins. Ultimately this technology should replace the harvesting of corals from the reefs for aquarium use.

Gavita Pro 600

07 October 2010

About electromagnetic interference

Posted in Technical papers

..and how to avoid it!

One of the problems using remote ballasts is the electromagnetic interference it can produce. There are very simple ways of avoiding this.