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18 December 2012

Certified Reseller Program

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Adding value to the supply chain

Gavita Certified resellerAt Gavita we believe in quality throughout the supply chain. That’s why we provide training and education to our distributors, their resellers and the end users. We prefer to be represented by knowledgeable sales consultants as it adds to the quality of the provided solution and adds value to our brand. So we invest in training, support and skills to enable you to be successful selling Gavita lighting solutions: The Gavita Certified Reseller Program.









What is a Certified Reseller?

A Gavita Certified Reseller is trained and educated by Gavita or a partner of Gavita. If you shop at a Gavita Certified Reseller you can be sure that you will have knowledgeable sales personnel that can give you expert lighting advice. They are able to explain to you the basic technology behind grow light and how to achieve the best results in climate rooms. And you will know this company is backed by Gavita, so if there is any question that they couldn’t answer right away, we will be there to support them in finding the right answer or solution. You can count on a Certified Reseller.

How do you identify a Gavita Certified Reseller?

All certified resellers have a Perspex shop plaque identifying them as certified resellers, the certified sales personnel will have Gavita Reseller pins and business cards to identify themselves as such. The resellers are listed in an on-line index so the customer can check their certified status (check the QR code or web link on the plaque or business card).

Certified resellers have an advantage

First of all they get a first class training directly from horticultural lighting professionals. They will get insight into the latest developments in light research, light calculations and sales techniques together with in-depth product training. So equipped with all that knowledge and backed by Gavita they will perform better selling the right solution to the customer. Being a Certified Gavita Resellers is not an empty shell. We do mystery shopping and our training program includes tests. Every Certified Reseller will undergo a refreshment training and test at least once a year. But they will also be close to the professional source of information, are well informed about new developments, and have the latest documentation, presentations and videos available for sales promotion.

If you were a customer, looking for a professional lighting solution, where would you shop?

How to become a certified reseller?

To become a Certified Reseller a minimal percentage of your sales consultants need to undergo basic training, provided by e-learning or on location training sessions. The training session is concluded by a test. Passing that test makes you a Gavita Certified Reseller for the period of one year

We will start registration for the Certified Reseller Program Q3 2014.

When registered and logged in, this menu will give you options for changing your profile. Only Certified Resellers will have acces to entering training sessions, as well as exclusive access to product announcements, technical articles and an ordering form for supporting Certified Reseller merchandise.