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07 September 2011

Gavita plasma lights help saving the coral reefs

Posted in Product news

Coral growing for aquariums in Utrecht, the Netherlands


World-wide the Coral reefs are endangered by the harvest of corals for aquariums. Gavita Holland provided the lighting technology to grow these corals in indoor basins. Ultimately this technology should replace the harvesting of corals from the reefs for aquarium use.

Since 2004, the Dutch government runs a programme entitled Small Business Innovation Research or SBIR, which acts to promote technological innovation. In 2009, an SBIR call for innovative projects aimed at protecting biodiversity was issued. EcoDeco BV, together with Wageningen University and Coral Publications, answered this call by submitting a project for the establishment of a coral nursery, entitled The Coral Greenhouse: Coral aquaculture in aquarium systems. The goal of this project is to provide the marine aquarium industry with sustainably aquacultured corals, thereby reducing negative impacts on the declining Asian reefs. After several competitive rounds, the project was approved for financial endorsement June 22nd 2010 by NL Agency, on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. In September 2010, EcoDeco BV started construction on a small-scale test nursery to evaluate its economical viability

gavita pro 300 LEP air cooled

Gavita Holland provided the plasma grow light for this project, using the Gavita Pro 300 LEP AC (Air Cooled version). EcoCoral choose for the air cooled version to be able to have ultimate control of the environment temperature. The fixtures are dimmable to enable creating the same amount of light in both tanks.

More information: www.ecodeco.eu

More video on our Youtube Channel