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Gavita B200 Booster

B200 booster for Master Controller EL1 and EL2

The B200 booster enables you to expand the number of e-series fixtures you can control with your Gavita Master Controller EL series, by adding more output ports. Standard, every controller port can control 50 fixtures. Adding the B200 expands your system with 4 ports controlling 50 fixtures for every booster you add. So every added booster controls 200 fixtures. You can even add multiple boosters to expand to 400 or even 600 fixtures per controller output. 


  1. Connect the booster with a controller cable to your Master controller. The maximum distance from the controller is 100 m / 300 ft.
  2. plug playFrom there, use the provided interconnect cables and the splitters to connect the 4 ports to 4 x 50 fixtures.
  3. Connect only the booster(s) to the Master controller, connect your fixtures to the booster
  4. The maximum bus length of each connected branch of fixtures is 100 m / 300 ft


  • Power input: Gavita Master Controller only (15 V DC)
  • Controller input: RJ12
  • Ballast output: 4 x RJ9, 50 ballasts per channel 200 ballasts total
  • Housing: Extruded aluminium, Black anodized Laser printed
  • Warrenty: 3 years
  • Model: B200 US (only available in US)
  • Article Number: (US 120V)
  • EAN code: 8718403054484 (US 120V)
  • Accessories Included:
    • 1 x Booster module
    • 4 x Controller cable 5m/16ft
    • 120 V Power supply
    • Mounting kit
    • Installation manual