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Gavita Pro 1000e 277/347 DE US

Gavita Pro 1000e 277/347 DE US


Gavita’s roots are in horticultural projects, lighting climate rooms and greenhouses with tens of thousands of fixtures.
For commercial growers we combined the efficiency of 3 phase systems with the ease of control of the Gavita Master Controllers:
Introducing the 277 - 347 V e-series fixtures


Suitable for Gavita Master Controller

We took our commercial 1000W DE fixture and added the flexibility of being able to control your light with the ease of the Gavita Master Controllers, providing a plug and play control solution. To make installation in large projects much easier, we introduce the Repeater Bus solution, enabling you to daisy chain your control cables to hundred fixtures per chain, up to ten chains per controller port. Our intelligent bus solution assures reliable control, even if a fixture in the chain should fail. This solution is backward compatible with the standard e-series products, so you can integrate for example 277 V plasma fixtures in your control grid.

rjconnecterFor industrial use

The Pro 1000e DE 277-347 is a professional fixture, which requires installation by a certified electrician in an industrial environment. It is not suitable for residential use. The set is provided with a short open end cable with a Wieland RST plug to disconnect your fixture. The open end needs to be hard wired to the three phase cabling in the room. Fixed cabling is a safer, cleaner and a much more cost effective way of connecting your fixtures than using outlets.

In professional installations fixtures are mounted on C-profiles, hanging on mounting brackets (which are available for this system). The difference in light levels between a low young crop, just introduced to the room, and high mature crop is less than 8% in a large cultivation facility, enabling fixed height mounting of the fixtures.


Installation and maintenance

The Gavita Pro 1000e DE 277 V is equipped with a Wieland receptacle, 3.3 ft / 1 m cable with open end and Wieland connector. C-profile brackets can be delivered on request. The fixture has to be installed by a certified electrical engineer. Reflector and lamp can easily be replaced to guarantee optimal performance during its long lifetime.

Features & Benefits

  • 277-347 V solution for industrial 3 phase systems

  • Short ballast housing with the best thermal properties in the market assures long lifetime and very high reliability

  • Repeater Bus control solution for fast, easy, clean and reliable installation of hundreds of fixtures
  • Fixed solution for large, three phase powered installations, mounting brackets for C-profiles are available
  • Control range through Master Controller of 500-1150W lamp output enables flexibility in combining vegetative and flowering rooms
  • It enables advanced safety features such as dimming on high temperature and automatic shutdown at climate control failures,
    safeguarding your crop

  • The sunset feature of the Master Controller eases down the heat load of your lights at the end of the cycle, preventing sudden rises in relative humidity when the lights shut down


  • Input Voltage: 277-347V (± 10%)
  • Input Voltage 1: 277 V
  • Input Current 1: 3.8A (at 100%) 4.4A (at 115%)
  • Input Power 1: 1050W (at 100%) 1200W (at 115%)
  • Input Voltage 2: 347 V
  • Input Current 2: 3.1A (at 100%) 3.6A (at 115%)
  • Input Power 2: 1050W (at 100%) 1200W (at 115%)
  • Power Factor: > 0.98
  • THD: <10%
  • Input Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Input Connection: Wieland RST IP 65
  • Fixture dimensions: 22.2" (length) x 9.7” (width) x 7.8” (height)
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Certification: FCC / CSA
  • Lamp holder: Vossloh Schwabe k12 x 30s
  • Lamp Cord: 3.3 ft / 1m, Wieland RST / open end
  • External dim: Gavita Master controller
  • External dim connector: 1 x RJ25 connector build in (6P6C)
  • Light Source: Gavita Pro Plus 1000W 400V EL lamp
  • Article Number:
  • EAN code: 8718403052541
  • Accessories Included:
    • 1 Repeater Bus interconnect cable



    • Cabling kit for custom control cables (82 feet / 25M)
    • C-profile mounting hooks


    Reflector: Gavita Pro HR 96 DE reflector or Gavita Pro W 150 DE reflector


  • Gavita Pro 1000e 277/347 DE US

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